Landing on Japan, He wrote many songs with Japanese lyrics. You can listen to some of those songs in his 1st album “Life is a Sound”.


He Played the piano, the guitar and the bass in many of these tracks.


Many Japanese famous divas participate in this album. 


The title of the album; “Life is a Sound” suggests the essence of oriental philosophy as only one note could express everything in this world. He has also

written this word on his wooden racket “Hagoita” in Chinese characters.

Life is a Sound


01 The Masked Composer’s March

02 A Parting Selfy 

03 Alter Ego

04 Palala-yi-ya 

05 On Our Way Home

06 As Long As You Live

07 Under the Influence

08 Monkey Lips

09 A Song of the Masked Composer

10 The Love Theme

11 Concrete

12 Fancy Chiristmas

13 Though How Much I Love You

14 One More Kiss

15 Vigorous Voyagers

16 Cosmic Radio “Jupiter”